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Boy Scouts of America: Should Gay’s be admitted?

I must say I agree with Penn Jillette on this and many issues.  It is the right of BSA to exclude anyone they wish, but I personally think they are wrong.  Appallingly Gays are not the only Americans BSA currently refuses to admit.  They also don’t allow Atheists, and Girls.

Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law on July 2, 1964, officially making any form of segregation illegal.  Yet, the civil rights movement didn’t end with the abolition of segregation.  The battle still rages on today.

While Americans for equal rights like myself are powerless against organizations like BSA in the matter of legal action.  We are powerful in our ability to spread information and to protest organizations like BSA on an individual basis.  If my daughter one day decides she wants to be a Boy Scout I will draw as much media attention as I can as we attempt to slay the beast.  Taking on organizations like BSA is a valuable learning experience, perhaps more valuable than anything BSA could teach her.

Also the government can close off national sites to the BSA until they treat all Americans equally.  Recently UPS Inc. said they will not donate to BSA until they lift the ban on Gays.  This is a step in the right direction.  President Obama’s pre-super bowl talk with CBS was another great leap forward.  The president announced on national television at a time when a sizable chunk of the American population was watching, that Gays should be allowed in Boy Scouts of America.

Religion in this case causes discrimination in America.


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