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Why Talk About Something I don’t Beleive In?

Why do Atheists bother to talk about religions?  A comical response… “because your God works in mysterious ways”.  Jokes aside, I used to be a believer.  Though theists will argue if I “claimed to be a believer, but now am not”, (the argument goes), I never was, *smirk, chuckle, sniff! This I find more comical since their strongest argument for the existence of a God is the “personal relationship” crap, and I claim to have personally believed in a God, yet my personal experience is wrong and theirs correct.  To this I say practice peeing into the wind; perhaps someday you will master the art of looking like a fool in front of an audience.

Admittedly I did an outstanding job for Christianity.  I helped to indoctrinate many people, and unfortunately some of those people are very close to me today.   Let me clarify.  It’s great that I am still close to my unwitting converts, but it’s sad that they took my word for it.  The most wretched bloody part is, at the time I was witnessing to people while regurgitating the polished poop for scripture that was drilled into my thoughtless mind by church elders and televangelists.

I must say it was a slow awakening for me.  It took half a decade of adulthood, a four year stint in the Army, and several years of college compounded with tens of thousands of hours spent investigating the innumerable problems with religion.  I came to the conclusion that if nothing else, the Christian brand of god is completely and utterly sick, self-contradicting, hateful, genocidal, baby killing, freakishly jealous,(more jealous than the worst jealous significant other story you could possible share), and completely limited as far as supernatural power goes, to the human imagination that is.

After coming to this most studious revelation, (pun, pun), I became angry.  I know. I know. That reaction is probably not the best considering Jesus freaks like to point out angry people and call them possessed, thus adding some kind of clique cred to their fellowship as they throw up jazz hands and attempt to exercise the demons while jabbering nonsense at each other.   WTF-ever.  The moral of my story is this… Don’t expect people to be ecstatic after being spoon fed a two thousand year old story, (which is told only in bits and pieces), only to come to find the TRUTH, that it’s a big stinking heap of manure.

If you don’t like what I have to say, do what I did for the first quarter century of my life and plug your ears, close your eyes, and say “LaLaLaLaLaLaLa”, for all I care.  For everyone else, please enjoy my blog, share, comment, and for Humanities sake, use your fucking brain.

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