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A God that loves to destroy his creation

Part three of the Revelation series: Below are links to part one and two.


Part 1: Why is Revelation in the bible?


Part 2: Failed Prophecies of Revelation.




Consider for a moment the Christian god and its love of destruction.  It just so happens to be one of the primary proofs Christians posit that a god does exist.  They say, “the proof of God exists in nature”.  They want to claim the beauty of nature for their god.  The lotus, Red woods, the vast oceans, man and animals alike.  Yet, they don’t want to claim tornado’s, hurricanes, or earthquakes, unless they fit into some sort of prophecy.  I can’t tell you how many times satan takes the blame for such disasters.  Despite that their god gets credited for the infant and its mother who manage to survive amid rubble for days.  Despite that hundreds of people may have died in the disaster, but the sparing of one life gives rise to celebration in their merciful gods honor?  So I say to those that would give credit to a god of nature, to not yield in any natural occurrence.  If you celebrate the survivors of a disaster in your gods honor then you should also celebrate those who have perished.


I always like to point to the fact that a war took place in heaven between god and a third of the angels resulting in the creation of the archenemy of the bible, satan.  This is obviously a huge oversight by a creator that is supposed to be all knowing.  But, what if that was part of his master plan?  Was it actually necessary to create devious angels to begin with?  I would think not since this guy is alleged to be all powerful too.


English: The story of the Eden Garden. The tem...

English: The story of the Eden Garden. The temptation of Adam & Eve by the devil. Pedestal of the statue of Madonna with Child, western portal (of the Virgin), of Notre-Dame de Paris, France Français : L’histoire du Jardin d’Eden. Au premier plan la tentation d’Adam & Eve par le Diable. Base de la statue de la Vierge à l’Enfant, trumeau du portail de la Vierge, Façade ouest de Notre-Dame de Paris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then we look at the Garden of Eden where Eve is tempted into taking forbidden fruit, by a snake.  The question is how did the snake get there in the first place if not created by god, and why create a forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden to begin with?  The most overused explanation is the most contradictory of them all, “It was gods plan”.  So we are left to believe that this all powerful all knowing all everything god could not come up with a better plan?  I suppose this is the case if you wish to believe in such drivel.


After Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden of Eden some years pass and we find ourselves at the next great destruction story, Noah and his ark.  The flooding of the Earth happens to be a Sunday school classic, where children are taught all about the animals finding a temporary home on the ark just in time for the Christian gods first destruction of the world.  This flood supposedly encompasses the entire globe, which lacks evidence ever occurring but never mind that.  Since this god created such villainous creatures he was left with no choice but to kill them all save a few, and start all over again.  Then we are lead to believe that this god creates the rainbow as a promise that he will never destroy the earth by water again.  Don’t you just love poetic justice?


Then we have Sodom and Gomorrah which cannot be verified either, despite the many locations Christians like to claim fit the description. We have Pillars of salt, fire and brimstone, famine and plague oh my.  But, this god loves his creation SO F-ing much!


Oh and what about the story of Job, where the Christian god plays cat-and-mouse with one of his most devoted followers by challenging satan to a game of “who can fuck this guy over the most”, in which case god wins outright since he created satan, which is an extension of himself considering the story would be pointless without a villain.  How extraordinary is it that Job never falters amid losing everything but his life after his god and satan end their game?  Of course the latter was rhetorical, but for insurance: it’s not extraordinary at all.


For god so loves to destroy he gave us an entire book about his hobby.  The book of Revelation is nothing but a destruction story.  It is the only book in the canon which has absolutely no relevance to the overall claim of gods existence, or the story of Jesus.  Yet, I suppose it is fitting considering this god really does love to destroy things.  In fact, it reminds me of being a little boy and playing with my little green army men in my back yard.  I would dig holes, build mud houses and flood their world with a garden hose.  I would build stick forts and throw rocks at them to knock them down, all the while making explosive sounds and machine gun fire with my mouth for effect.  Isn’t it ironic that a child would anthropomorphize a world where he was a god in essence, and merrily destroy the unsuspecting creatures of his imaginary realm?  Does this point to a god, or does it point to childish minds creating a story 2000+ years ago?


Perhaps this idea of god comes from the fact that we are very likely to die from some sort of natural cause which makes us feel small.  So, to offset this insignificant feeling we impose a story which grants some sort of silver platter for us to rest our weary lives upon.


As humanity we are prone to publicly shame horrible acts such as, Newtown, or the Colorado Theater shooting where senseless deaths occurred at the hands of troubled individuals.  Yet we fail to make the same assertion when we know from biblical accounts that the Christian god claims credit for a flooding which wiped out all but a few of the people on earth.  That means this god killed men, women, AND children of all ages.  That means the Christian god similar to terrorist groups likes to boast his killings of the innocent.  It happens to be a trophy on the wall of this religion, which makes it horrid in my opinion.


So as you can see this god doesn’t just destroy according to the stupid book, but this god LOVES to destroy.  It is a game, which brings me to the obvious conclusion that this god doesn’t exist.


I hate to compare a fictitious story with a real one, but how many Americans today look back upon our treatment of the Natives, or enslaving of the Africans and celebrate it like it was some sort of American trophy?  We learn about it because we must know where we come from, but by no means is the history of America taught in such a way to celebrate these wretched acts.  So why don’t we do what the Christian churches do, and make the story of enslaving the Africans as a great and glorious?  For one it would be misleading, and for two it is NOT something to be proud of.


Finally we must not forget that this supposed god is a lover of destruction, and we must not forget that wars have and will be fought according to the bible in heaven, and we must not forget that this god promises to grant eternal life in heaven to its followers.  If this story were true you should be curious about what might happen after the conclusion of the book of Revelation.  I would say based upon the frequent damnation, that this heaven won’t be any different from the hell for the punished.  What a great story!


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Failed Prophesies of Revelation

The Book of Revelation (film)

The Book of Revelation (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In part two of my Revelation series I will cover several prophecies’ which are not found in Revelation.  Despite their being outside of this controversial book they are connected.

Below is a link to Part 1:

Part 1: Why Revelation? 

The immediate issues at hand are these; are any of the prophecies in Revelation reliable?  Is Revelation happening now?  Finally, why should we believe or not believe anything from the Book of Revelation, or the bible?

Before I dig into whether or not Revelation is reliable, let’s see if the bible itself is a reliable source.  It is said that the most important words in the bible are those that are highlighted in red, or read as direct quotes from Jesus.  Personally, I would expect that an all-powerful god would have the courtesy to not allow his vile creatures distort his own words into something that would invalidate his message.  So why then does the Book of Mathew Chapter 16:28 announce the second coming of Jesus, and why didn’t Jesus hold true to his own words?

27 For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

28 Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. (KJV)

I added verse 27 for context which verifies what Jesus is saying here.  Jesus tells his disciples that he will be back before some of them experience death.  From other Christian sources and some historical footnotes we know that all of these men met the same fate we will someday.

What does this tell us?  Jesus Christ was mistaken; lying, a fraud, or his words were twisted in translation, or transcription. Any of these possibilities creates a plethora of problems for any prophecy in the bible.  If we can’t trust the predictions of Jesus Christ himself, then why should we trust the rather unknown source of Revelation?  Christ said he was coming within a generation, yet we should somehow believe that visions sent to a man about a distant future could be in any way legitimate?

Let’s just assume for a moment that the current doomsday Christians, or millennialists as they are.  Let’s assume that they have found the perfect combination of worldly events which match up to the prophesies in the book of revelation.  It is as if they fail to realize that there have literally been hundreds of notable Christians like Martian Luther, Irenaeus, Pope Innocent III, Saint Augustine, and many, many, many more, who have made the same claim.  After centuries on top of centuries of these people creating a feeling of imminent doom upon the world you would think we as intelligent beings would have learned something by now.  It doesn’t seem so bad, coming form Hal Lindsay, or TBN, that the “end is near”, but put yourself in the shoes of a peasant, in a kingdom where the papacy is the most powerful entity on earth.  Imagine the highest priest who claims to have divine authority over the kings and queens of the world, announces the end is coming.  Yet somehow, we have millennialists that think they have figured it out.  They have found the exact formula, and “any day now”, the Jesus, God, whoever is going to make the nonbelievers pay.  What a wonderful message, all thanks to the crap in the book of Revelation.

The interesting thing about Revelation in these modern times is the curious fact that many scholars now believe John the Evangelist didn’t author the book of Revelation, but now credit is given to an unknown source identified as John of Patmos.  Why is this significant?  Christian theologians are known for claiming that the validity of the bible comes from the sources themselves.  If we are now to believe that the source of Revelation is unknown, and in fact not the guy who wrote John 1,2, and 3, then why in the world of damnation should we care about some unverified source?  This is a major fallacy of Christianity, the appeal to tradition.  They would rather stand behind a text that was originally thought to be valid, though after closer inspection is invalidated, than rethink their position.  Don’t they realize that if they rewrite the bible they will make a lot more money?  Isn’t that what this whole thing is about to begin with?

So what exactly is the book of revelation saying?  There will be seven seals, and as they are opened before god, magical creatures materialize out of thin air.  The sixth seal talks about earthquakes, and falling stars, and mountains moving, and people hiding in the mountains, and the sun turning black.  Then there will be angels blowing trumpets to conjure even more hellish events upon the earth.  It talks about a third of the sea creatures succumbing to a green burning mountain, along with a third of the ships at sea.  A third of the ships at sea?  What about the jets, and the satellites and the astronaut’s in space?  What about cars and trains and buses?  Here is an example of the type of imagery spoken of in Revelation.

“the child. However, when the child is born, it is caught up to God’s throne while the woman flees into the wilderness for one thousand two hundred and sixty days. (12:5-6). War breaks out in heaven between ##Michael and the Dragon, identified as the Devil, Satan.(12:9) After a great fight, the Dragon and his angels are cast out of heaven for good, followed by praises of victory for God’s kingdom. (12:7-12). The Dragon engages to persecute the Woman, but she is given aid to evade him. Her evasiveness enrages the Dragon, prompting him to wage war against the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (12:13-17)”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Revelation).

If there was anything more cryptic than Nostradamus’s quatrains this would be it.  Yet, somehow Christians manage to pull from this book while alluding to current events and come to the conclusion that all this stuff is happening.  Never mind that 200+ Christians have predicted this very book coming to fruition before we were ever born.  Never mind that this has been the number one selling point of the religion since the purported death of Jesus Christ. Forget about the fact that Jesus said he would be back in the First Century CE.  Don’t worry about the fact that the guy who wrote this book doesn’t show up anywhere else in the bible.  Let’s not ignore the fact that imagery like stars falling to earth, and ALL the mountains moving would pretty much obliterate the entire population of the planet.  And all of this was created for us?  Thank you early Christians for this wonderful story about a god and how it created me in its image, will punish me for being created, and then kill me for not believing this ridiculous story.

I suggest people search the web for videos of all of the congregations that use this book like a coupon.  Just look at the worldly events they have been determined to be predictions of Revelation.  Admire the number of accusations of former and current presidents of the U.S. and other nations that have been labeled as Antichrist.

obamaAC(rgreese49@aol.com) author of the site.

Here is one example among thousands which impose prophecies from the bible onto our society.  So I suppose my question is;  how many times do you have to guess wrong before even you are convinced of the useless predictive capability of the bible, or to translate prophetic versus accurately?

The topic of this post was Failed prophesies of Revelation, so to sum it all up, the entire book has failed.  The evidence is in Jesus saying he will be back in the 1CE, which of course didn’t happen.  The verdict here is that the book of Revelation is a waste of time.  It serves little purpose to historians, Christians, or anyone for that matter.  So as I ended part 1;  tear that waste of paper out of the book and use it to stoke your fire.

Next week in Part 3 of the Revelation series I will discuss “A God that loves to destroy his creation”

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Why IS Revelation in the Bible?

The book of Revelation is a visionary tale of how the Christian world will end leading up to the second coming of their savior.  The scenes paint an image of a wrathful God poring vengeance upon the world to punish the nonbelievers.  Throughout history the message of Revelation attracted scrutiny, and in most cases within Christian religious organizations.  Perhaps there is a reason that Revelation was the last book officially canonized, and perhaps there is a reason why it is in such heavy use today.  These are a few of the topics I wish to discuss in part one of my Revelation series.

One of the first notable Christian figures to sideline Revelation was Eusebius who was an early Christian historian. He wrote “church history”, c 325CE.  As a result of his studies he placed the book of Revelation on the Antilegomena list, or disputed works.  Roughly one hundred years after the cannon had been assembled Revelation was finally accepted and canonized at the council of Carthage c. 397CE.

Eusebius of Caesarea may have continued the Li...

Over the centuries disputes over this book have been nearly constant.

There are several ways Christian sects deal with this particular text.  The following four interpretation styles are simply container folders for many other interpretations.

Historicist, this explanation focuses on the historical value within the text, and shies away from the prophetic use of the book.

  Preterist, similar to the Historicist view the Preterist angle tags Revelation as pertaining only to the 1st or 2nd century CE.

    Futurist, this understanding of Revelation embraces the book as a marker for things to come.  People or churches which fall under this category can also  be called millenialists.

    Idealist, finally Idealists see the book as entirely allegorical.

There are of course many other interpretations of Revelation, and some are a mix between these four main categories.  Still, the futurist Revelation concept has caused a rather fanatical conglomerate of Christians in America.  I actually have friends and family members who subscribe to this interpretation.  Sadly, the lifestyle many of them have chosen as a result of this one book is social suicide at best.  The following video is from a small ministry, but it illustrates the illogical view Revelation has caused in modern society.

For the past two thousand years Christians and the like have assumed (ass-u-me) the end was near.  The crusades were supposed to be Armageddon.  Mass suicides in the 1800′s and early in the 20th century were attempts to get Gods attention.

So why the book of revelation?  Out of all the books in the bible, Revelation seems to have, not only the most deliberate placement, but also the most doctored message.  “BE AFRAID AND JOIN US!” which I am absolutely positive was not the message Jesus brought with him, and it is solid proof that the bible has HUMAN ambitions, and not super natural.

Cliché clippings from Revelation are the “mark of the beast”, and “antichrist”, in both cases a futurist Christian will go ape-shit when talk of ID chips, or artificial anything inserted into a person’s body comes up.  In the same regard any politician or leader of a nation they find imposing on their beliefs become the target of name calling.  For instance Bush and Obama were labeled as Antichrists.  This is surprising since Republicans are more often in line with the Christian perspective.

To conclude I would like to address any Christians who may have stumbled upon this post.  Please heed the following, or don’t… (notice how I didn’t say Please heed the following, or spend the rest of your life in an inferno.) Just saying…

Please, End-times-Christians?  Think about what you are doing when announcing to the world, full of flocks (people that don’t think for themselves.), that this person-or-that-person is the antichrist, and to be afraid of this menacing persons capabilities.  As a Christian, you shouldn’t care anyway, so it should be of no consequence to you anyway.  Stop being part of the problem and quite your tongue in the matters that even you need not worry about.

Please, please, Christians! Tear the book of Revelation out of your bibles, because it has absolutely nothing to do with your religion.  Please stop spreading fear into this world, and start doing what Christians ought to do. LOVE THY ENEMY/NEIGHBOR / FAMILY, and so on, or stone them to death depending on what verse you feel fits you today.

~~~Thanks for reading part one.  next week I will take on part two: Failed Prophesies of Revelation.~~~







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